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1. 数量 Quantity

2. 单价Unit Price

3. 规格Specification

4. 包装Package

5.装船唛头Shipping Marks

6.装运条件Package Condition

7. 装船通知Shipment Advice

8. 付款Payment

9. 单据Documents

10.品质与重量Quality and Weight

11. 棉花品质降级差价 Price Difference With Cotton Quality

12. 检验费Inspection Fee

13.病虫害熏蒸Fumigation of Insect Pests

14. 不可抗力Force Majerue

15. 仲裁Arbitration

中国纺织品进出口总公司(以下简称买方)与美国 公司(以下简称卖方)按下列规定的条款达成协议,作为买卖双方棉花买卖成交合同的条件。

The agreement has been entered into and concluded by and between China National Textiles Import and Export Corporation (hereinafter referred to as buyer) and Corporation Ltd. of United States of America (hereinafter referred to as seller) as per following terms and conditions of cotton transaction between parties hereto.

1. 数量 Quantity


Total weight of goods will be caculated by metric ton or package, more or less than 1% may be allowed.

2. 单价 Unit Price

重量以磅为计量单位。Weight is measured in pounds.

FOB STOWED:将棉花装入船舱内并整理好。

FOB STOWED:Put cotton in the cabin and tidy it up.


FAS: The cotton is transported to the place under hook of ship, where FOB container clause applicable, the container should be transported to the container yard station.

CANDF:班轮条款,运费已定不变。CANDF:Freight rate fixed for liner term.

3. 规格Specification


Subject to the cotton standard of American continental or on sample.

4. 包装 Package

4.1 适合于海运的紧缩机出口包装,外裹麻布、棉布或其他包皮,用牢固的打包铁皮或粗铁丝箍紧。每包净重约 磅(公斤),平均体积 立方米。在适用FOB、FOB STOWED、FAS VESSEL 贸易术语交易的情况下,如果每吨毛重超过规定的体积,其超过部分的运费则由卖方负担。

The export package suitable for ocean transportation is packed by retrenchment machine, wrapped in linen, cotton-cloth or other wrapping, banding tightly by strong iron or thick iron-wire. The net weight of each package is about pounds (kg), with an average volume of cubic meters. Provided that the trade terms of FOB, FOB STOWED, FAS VESSEL are applied, if the gross weight per ton exceeds the stipulated volume, the excess part of freight will be born by seller.

4.2 棉花包装内不得混杂麻丝、破布、木屑、铁屑及铁钉等杂物。如有发现杂物混入棉花包装内,买方可根据中国商品检验局(以下简称CCIB)或用户在使用过程中提供的证明及有关的唛头,向卖方提品质索赔。

Cotton packages shall not be mixed with fibrilia, rags, wood chips, iron chips, iron nails and other sundries. Where any sundries are found to be mixed into the cotton package, buyer may lodge a claim against seller on the basis of the certificate provided by China Commodity Inspection Bureau (CCIB) or the customer in the course of use and the relevant shipping marks.

5.装船唛头 Shipping Marks

5.1 在棉包的一端和两侧面用不褪色的颜料按下列项目逐包刷唛。A.合同号,B.样子或等级长度,C.批号,D.包号。

On one end and two sides of every cotton pakage should be brushed the marks using undading pigments, including A. Contract No., B. Sample or Rank length, C. Batch number, D. Package number.

5.2 如卖方没有在唛号刷合同号,由此而产生的混唛理货费由卖方负担。

Where seller fails to brush contract No. in the package marks, the cost of mixed mark tallying resulting therefrom will be for account of seller.

6.装运条件 Package Condition


Provided that the transaction is effected by FOB, buyer should, on approximate 15 days prior to shipment, notify seller of the vessel name which may be change by buyer later, and seller can at any time inqurire of the arrangement of shipment time from buyer. The vessel master will give seller a cable advice within 24 hours before arrival to notify the estimated time of arrival of the vessel at the port of destination. Seller should, upon receipt of notice from master for shiping arrangement, effect the preparation of goods shipment as soon as practicable.


Except for the reasons of force majeure, where buyer, within the period of shipment stipulated hereof, fails to arrange vessel to the port of shipment for more than ten days, buyer shall undertake the storage expenses.

6.3 如买方在合同规定的装船期内通知卖方装船,除人力不可抗拒的原因外,当船到后卖方延迟交货或不能交货,卖方应赔偿由此而产生的滞期费和空船损失。如卖方超过合同规定的交期45天仍不能装船,买方有权决定合同是否有效。

Except for the reason of force majure, where buyer notify seller of shipment within the loading period stipulated in contract, after arrival of the ship seller defers or fails to effect shipment, seller should make compensations of the losses of demurrage and dead freight arising therefrom. Provided that seller is still unable to effect the shipment in excess of 45 days than the delivery period which stipulated hereof, buyer has right to decide whether the contract is valid or not.

6.4 如以CIF贸易术语成交,卖方在交货期内不能装船,卖方从超过交货期的第 天起,按照每天 %货值的损失支付给买方。未经买方同意,不允许转船和分运。

In the transaction of C&F term, where seller fails to effect shipment within the delivery period, should pay the loss as per % of goods value per day to buyer from day in excess of delivery period. Transshipment and partial shipment are not allowed without buyer’s consent.

7. 装船通知 Shipment Advice

7.1 如为FOB成交,卖方在装船后须在两个工作日内电告买方合同号、等级长度或样品、包装、净重、金额;船名、装船日期、装船口岸,并航寄装船单据副本一式三份给买方。

In transaction of FOB term, seller should, within 2 working days, advice buyer a cable of the contract number, grade length or sample, packing, net weight, amount; vessle’s name, the date and port of shipment, and airmail the copies of shipping documents in triplicate to buyer.

7.2 如为CIF成交,卖方在装船前十五天左右,将船名及预计到港日期通知买方。

In transaction of C&F term, seller should, on approximate 15 days, advice buyer of the vessel name and estimated arrival date.

7.3 如卖方未及时电告买方,以致买方未能及时保险,由此而产生的损失由卖方负担。

Failure of seller to advice in cable in time to buyer result in buyer’s failure to effect the insurance of goods, the loss arising therefrom shall be born by seller.

8. 付款 Payment


Buyer shall, on approximate 15 days prior to shipment through China Bank, establish an irrevocable Letter of Credit in favour of seller and effect payment against the documents stipulated in article 9 hereof. The remaining 2% will, within 70 days after unloading of goods at the port of destination, be effected final settlement against Certificate of Cotton Quality Inspection and Certificate of Weight Inspection issued by the inspection authority at destination port. The letter of credit is valid until 15 days after shipment.


Provided that the parties hereto agree the payment by collection against documents instead of L / C, buyer shall effect payment with Bank of China Beijing Branch for amount of 98% of invoice value against full set of shipping documents. Other agreements shall be subject to the stipulations of preceding article.

9. 单据 Documents


Seller shall present the following documents required to bank for negotiation / collection:

A.汇票一式两份。The bill is in duplicate.


Commercial invoice is in sextuplicate (marked in detail).


The bill of weight with each packet weighed is in duplicate.


Full set of negotiable clean ocean bills of lading (except sampling holes in cotton bags) in triplicate.


One telegram copy of shipment advice. Bill of Lading and invoice is made separaely for each contract with the contract number indicated on the Bill of Lading.

10.品质与重量 Quality and Weight

到岸品质、到岸重量。Arrival Quality and Arrival weight

A.重量:由目的港的检验机构随机抽样5%检验回潮率,并逐包过重,出具重量鉴定证书。回潮率不得超过8.5%,每超过 %,价格相应下浮 %。

Weight: The inspection authority of the port of destination will effect inspection of moisture content by meanse of 5% random sampling and weight by each package before issuance of Weight Certificate. The moisture rate shall not exceed 8.5%, where exceed %, the price shall decrease % correpondingly.

B.皮重:检验机构根据每批货物的数量及包装材料,随机抽取3 – 5%的包数,以确定平均皮重。按实际平均皮重计算到岸净重。

Tare Weight: The inspection authority shall, on the basis of the quantity and packing material of each consignment, effect random sample of 3 – 5% packet number to confirm the average tare weight. The CIF net weight will be calculated subject to the average tare weight.


The more or less of delivered each consignment will not exceed 1% of the same stipulated hereof.

D.品质:从每批货中随机抽样10% 作为品质检验的样品。如果抽样检验的样品质量低于合同规定的等级,即棉花的纤维长度、强力或细度与合同规定的质量标准不符时,以检验机构出具的检验证书为双方结算货款的依据。

Quality: random sampling of 10% each consignment will be for quality inspection. Provided that the sample quality of sampling inspection is lower than the grade specified in the contract, to wit, the fiber length, strength or fineness of cotton does not conform to the quality standard stipulated herein, the inspection certificate issued by the inspection authotity shall be taken as the basis for the settlement of the payment.

11. 棉花品质降级差价 Price Difference With Cotton Quality


Where the demotion of cotton grade is over than 1/2 grade and the demotion of fibre length over than 1/8 inch, buyer shall be entitled to settle price difference of price 25% as per the stipulation hereof.

12. 检验费Inspection Fee


The weight Inspection fee shall be at 50 USD cents per metric ton (including inspection fee of moisture regain).


The quality inspection fee shall be at the buyer’s expense at US $1 per pack, i.e. US $10 per sample. If the quality is degraded, seller shall bear the inspection fee for the part which is not in accordance with the contract.

13.病虫害熏蒸Fumigation of Insect Pests


Cotton delivered by seller shall not have the insect pests which are prohibited by statutory quarantine. Provided that the insect pests are found therein at the arrival of the goods, the fumigation thereof will be for account of seller.

14. 不可抗力 Force Majerue


Either party shall not be responsible for failure or delay to perform all or any part of this contract due to flood, fire, earthquake, drought, war or any other events which could not be predicted, controlled, avoided or overcome by the relevant party. However, the party affected by the event of Force Majeure shall inform the other party of its occurrence in writing as soon as possible and thereafter shall send a certificate of the event issued by the relevant authorities to the other party within 15 days after its occurrence.

14.2 由于双方公认的人力不可抗拒的原因而致延迟执行合同或不能执行合同之一部分或全部,双方都不承担责任。但是,遭受不可抗力的当事方应向另一方提供政府机关或商会发给的灾害证明文件,以资证明。

Neither party shall be liable for the delay of execution hereof or non-performance of part or all hereof due to force majeure which being mutually recognized by both parties. However, the party suffering from force majeure shall provide to the other party a documentary evident issued by the government authority or commercial chamber.

15. 仲裁 Arbitration


Any disputes arising from the execution hereof shall be settled through amicable consultation between parties hereto. If no agreement is reached, either party may initiate arbitration which being proceeded in the defendent’ country. Where in China, the proceeding of action will be heared by Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission of China Council for Promotion of International Trade in accordance with its rules and procedures. Where in seller’s country, the proceeding will be heared by the concerned arbitration authority of the country. The award of arbitration shall serve as the basis for the final settlement between buyer and seller. The arbitration fee shall be born by the losing party unless otherwise stipulated.


All signatories hereto acknowledge that they have read the foregoing agreements and by their initials and signature that they have full and complete authority to execute the document for and in the name of the party for which they have given their signature.

Authorited Representative
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Authorited Representative
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